Powerco Future Tech

Powerco Future Tech: The Future of Energy and Tech: VR, brain-computer interface, fly a drone, ride segways, program a robot and network.
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Powerco Future Tech  combines inspirational and informative speakers with opportunities for attendees to  experience virtual reality, fly drones, see 3D printing in action, program a robot and watch how the brain interfaces with computers.  Learn how technology will change lives, employment and how your industry works in the future.  Hear about our energy future and how our lives are entering into the fourth period of existence. 

Each ticket sold to this event sponsors a year 12 and 13 student from local high schools to the day event on the 19th May.  Funds raised from ticket sales also goes directly towards Education Scholarships for students here in Taranaki who face financial hardship.

Students will listen to informative talks about computer brain interface and robotics.  Students will have hands on experiences with virtual reality, see 3 D printing in action, be able to ride Segways, fly drones and program robots.

You can find the schedule of events here and more details about the talks here

  • 3D Printing
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Robots
  • Virtual Reality


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