Mastering Disruption

As a business leader you need to distinguish between what's a real threat and what's just hype? Brought to you by the Institute of Directors.
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As a senior business leader or a director you need to know how to identify emerging patterns, mega trends and to be able to distinguish between a real threat and just hype.

With two engaging, dynamic facilitators Melissa Clark-Reynolds and Wayne Norrie, you will explore how to drive transformation from the board room so that your organisation can successfully navigate a world of continual disruption.

By tapping into Wayne and Melissas' wisdom and experience, combined with group discussion, you will discover emergent business models and alternative approaches to better govern your organisation as it transforms and navigates a world of continual disruption.

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Melissa has 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of a number of Technology companies. In 2015 she was awarded the ONZM for Services to Technology. Melissa is certified as a Foresight Practitioner with the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley.
Wayne Norrie, chairman Hi Tech Trust, Maven and Online Republic, director of Fronde and Aspeq. Chair of NZTE Beachhead programme and co-founder of Revera.
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