She# Presents “ Project Management skills for life”

She# Presents: Learn about project management and how these concepts can be used by anyone in our daily lives!
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She# presents: Learn about project management and how these concepts can be used in our routine life projects by any individual. 

This workshop provides an introduction to the basics of project management as well as tools and techniques to help develop skills to become a great project manager leading successful projects.

A basic understanding of project management concepts will help to effectively create a plan, organize activities and train individuals to complete simple to very complex projects.

The Tower Game is a fun and instructive exercise that encourages teams to experience simple, but intense lessons in team building, scope, time, cost, quality, and risk management.


Proudly hosted by AUT, the official University partner of Techweek’18

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Vishnu has around 12 years of experience in IT industry across different countries in Europe and Asia. He delivered IT projects worth up to 10M US$. He is specialised in designing and managing IT solutions for the complex business needs.
He pursued various leadership roles in his career and currently working at Xero as Product Owner. He is also volunteering with Project management Institute (PMI) NZ chapter as project manager.

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