Scrum Masters Lean Coffee

Thu 24 May 7:30 — 9am

GridAKL, 101 Pakenham St W, Auckland

Calling #ScrumMasters in Auckland... Come along to our Lean Coffee to meet other #ScrumMasters and perhaps learn something new!
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Q) Are you a practicing #ScrumMaster in Auckland?
Q) Would you like to meet other #ScrumMasters and perhaps learn something new?

Then come along to our Lean Coffee where you'll be inspired, enjoy a hot brew (on the house courtesy of #GridAKL) and share ideas with other practicing Scrum Masters in Auckland. 

Doors open at 07h30 and we'll aim to wrap up by 09h00 so you can get your day started fresh and inspired. The format is easy and interactive.

Don't know what a Scrum Master is? Have a look at this:

Sponsored by #GridAKL as part of #techweek2018

  • Breakfast
  • Meet-up
  • Workshop
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