Students in Space Conference

If you don't leave this conference bursting with excitement about the future of the Space Industry, it's because you weren't there!
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Please note: this event is managed by an event organiser independent to Techweek. Techweek is not responsible for the event content, ticketing process and/or the health and safety of attendees at the event.

The conference for space enthusiasts, star gazers, planet explorers, rocket engineers, mathematicians, designers, "I-wonder-what's-out-there?" thinkers...anyone and everyone who has ever wondered about humanities role in Space. 'Student's in Space' is a conference that is aimed at students, from secondary to tertiary, to inspire them to realise their potential to contribute to the future of the Space Industry. Bring your whanau, bring your friends, your co-workers, sisters, will be a night of out of this world speakers so prepare to have your mind blown!

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