Techweek TV: Creating a virtual ‘lab’ to test the outcome of business change -before it happens. How Kiwi innovation leads the way to generating a dynamic Enterprise Digital Twin.

What's it all about?

What if you could understand the impact on your business any change could bring? Good or bad – before it happens? How much time, money, jobs would you save by making the right, data-based, decision at the right time? Process Mining opens us up to dynamically seeing all the customer journeys and service pathways through your operation – but now we can take this one step further. Arkturus Simulation Studio lets you virtually test any scenario across your operation and understand, in detail, the implications of that decision. Add a new product, trial a new way of doing something, apply automation. Does it improve operational efficiency? Or your customer experience? Or create issues you can’t yet see? It might sound like science fiction but we’re making it happen.

This Techweek TV session is aimed at any large organisation will benefit from this; especially utilities, retailers, financial service providers, distribution companies. Internal roles including C-suite plus Customer Experience, Business Transformation, Customer Success, Business Improvement Managers and Business Analysts. Consultants who work in assisting these large organisations to improve their business operation e.g. EY, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG etc.

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Monday 27 Jul
3:00pm - 3:30pm

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Athena Wu

Founder, CPO and Analytics Director, Arkturus

Athena is a founder and director of Arkturus. She holds a PhD in Engineering Science with a background in operations research and mathematical modelling - at the heart of Arkturus Process Mining solution. As CPO and Analytics Director, Athena is responsible for the overall product design and delivery of Arkturus Process Mining tools. As one of New Zealand’s few female technical product leads, she directs Arkturus team of developers forging critical new breakthroughs in Arkturus algorithm-based solutions. Her energy and enthusiasm for Process Mining’s infectious, making everyone she meets question why they are not doing it already.

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