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DermaLayr, the fastest non-invasive dermal delivery platform

Modern skincare technology has a new phase. DermaLayr is a breakthrough technology that has revolutionized the rapid delivery of beneficial actives and compounds into the deep dermal layers of the skin. 100% NZ made, natural and sustainable.


Tuesday 25 May
3:00pm - 4:00pm


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What's it all about?

NanoLayr Ltd formerly known as Revolution Fibres has developed DermaLayr for use in modern skincare products. Produced using a proprietary production method (Sonic Electrospinning Technology), DermaLayr is an ultra-thin non-woven web of kilometre long collagen nanofibres.

While the collagen nanofibres alone are beneficial, they serve as a rapid dermal delivery mechanism for bioactive compounds which can be infused into DermaLayr. The collagen nanofibre is rapidly absorbed into wet skin and dives deep into the dermal layers fast, taking any unique ingredients with it. The ability of DermaLayr to act as a delivery platform means there are limitless application and market new formulas that benefit end-users.  

In this hour of presentation, Iain Hosie the cofounder and CTO of NanoLayr will be demonstrating the discovery journey of DermaLayr as the emerging class of materials for skin beauty and skin health along with Dr. Bhuvana Kannan, one of the creators of DermaLayr.

DermaLayr has achieved its first step to be the home for underutilized biomass with the use of nanofibres creating exceptional demand in the overseas market. Along with the success in S.Korea over the past 12 months have proven its ability to deliver 100% bioactive ingredients straight into the derma layer of your skin where actives do their magic. 

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