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Hack for cash 750 x 450 V5

CENNZnet Blockchain Hackathon

Come and learn about the latest innovation in blockchain technology and build your own DApp on our network in a weekend! Cash prizes up for grabs!


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Saturday 29 May
8:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday 30 May
7:00am - 5:00pm

AUT City Campus, WZ100 & WZ5. Level 1 & 5, WZ Building,
6 St Paul St, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand
Free event
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Hack for cash 750 x 450 V5

What's it all about?

Find out what you can accomplish in a weekend!

Build a Decentralised Application (DApp) on CENNZnet, and compete for $5000 in cash and token prizes! There will be cool swag, food and drinks. 

What’s CENNZnet?

CENNZnet is a blockchain that provides powerful open source modules to DApp builders so that they don’t have to build everything themselves from scratch.

What’s the challenge? 

The theme of this Hackathon is NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Your challenge is to build a DApp using the CENNZnet NFT module. 

Unlike NFTs on Proof of Work blockchains that consume an enormous amount of energy, the CENNZnet's carbon-friendly Proof of Stake network ensures the energy cost of minting and sending NFTs is akin to sending a tweet.   

Who can participate?

You can join the CENNZnet Hackathon as:
- An individual developer
- A development team
- A UX designer (you will need to join a team unless you intend to code)
- An entrepreneur (you will need to join a team unless you intend to code)

To develop a CENNZnet Dapp, you will need JavaScript skills and a laptop with Node.js and Yarn installed. 

How to get ready? 

If you’re new to blockchain our team will be onsite and available to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. There are also two workshops in the week before the Hackathon that will prepare you with blockchain knowledge and help you set up your development environment:

Blockchain 101 Workshop

Dev environment setup & Hackathon briefing

The agenda

The Hackathon starts on the Saturday morning of TechWeek. At the start of the Hackathon, you will pitch ideas and form teams. Then you will work on your idea for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. There will be developers from the CENNZnet team to answer technical questions. Your team will present the final result on Sunday afternoon and compete for the prizes.

The workshops and the Hackathon are free events. Spots are limited. 

Don’t miss out on this major event from the CENNZnet team! Register now!


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Jordan Beauchamp


Jordan is one of the leading experts of Blockchain in New Zealand. He is highly competent in Blockchain technology, software architecture design, as well as programming in various languages. He currently leads the Engineering team at Centrality to building cutting-edge technology.

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Alex Sedighi


Alex is a very knowledgeable and experienced developer, with expertise in Rust and C++. He is one of the core developers of the CENNZnet protocols. He has in-depth knowledge of building and Proof of Stake blockchains

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Amy Wang


Amy is a C++ Software Engineer with 7 years of coding experience with a wide range of skills in UI/UX design, software development and communication. Amy is currently working on growing the CENNZnet developer community. She’s a passionate entrepreneur, who built a software startup on her own (

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Karishma Bothara

Intermediate full stack developer

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Ben Jordan

Co-Founder / Product Director


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This event uses an external ticketing provider. You will be redirected to their ticketing system once you click to book.

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