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Computer vision AI in horticulture-swipe right for a career in hort

Computer vision AI is making big impacts in hort!
AUT alumni, Luke Butters, shares the real life computer vision story of Spectre.
There'll be FREE PIZZA (always essential!) plus the chance to WIN an experience with the team at Hectre.


Wednesday 26 May
6:00pm - 7:00pm


AUT City Campus, WG308, Level 3, Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building,
55 Wellesley St E, Auckland
Free event
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TW21 Facebook Startup Unbranded

What's it all about?

In this NZ Tech Week session, AUT alumni Luke Butters, who heads up Hectre's R&D division, will share the story of Spectre - Hectre's computer vision AI fruit sizing tool which is hitting it big with fruit growers and enterprise in New Zealand and the US, and is now being sought out by growers and enterprise across the globe. 

If you've got an interest in computer vision AI, tech in general, careers in AgriTech or horticulture, or just love hearing a great Kiwi success story, join us at this free event. Once the presentation and Q&A have concluded, join the Hectre team for casual networking, a slice of pizza and the chance to WIN an experience with the Hectre team.

Studies suggests that global food production will need to increase by up to 70% by 2050. Much of this increase in food will be focused on fruit and vegetable production - how will we produce more food on the same, if not less, volume of land. Growers will need to grow smarter, and to grow smarter, they'll need knowledge - knowledge which comes from data.

Computer vision AI technology has a massive role to play in delivering that data, making tech careers in hort more exciting than ever before. AI skilled university grads are needed in today's industry to deliver fresh thinking, relevance, and creative solutions. Hear the 5D story of need Detection, solution Design, tech Development, product Deployment and solution Delivery that has seen Spectre fly, learn what's next and get involved with some Q&A.

Hectre is on a mission to create the world's simplest orchard technologies in an effort to increase adoption of AgriTech and to improve the lives and businesses of growers around the world.

Special thanks to AUT for hosting this event.

*If you're not able to join us in person, join online by clicking "view webcast".

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Luke Butters

Hectre R&D Manager

Luke joined Hectre in 2019 after completing his Master’s and an internship supported by a Callaghan Innovation R&D Experience Grant. Tasked with leading Spectre’s development, he's since gone on to build an outstanding team of talent who are delivering world first tech to a global customer base.

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