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Hyper focus – How to stay focused in an age of distraction!

In an age of distractions, learn how to become more focused at work and more present in your private life!


Monday 24 May
1:00pm - 2:00pm


AUT City Campus, WG308, Level 3, Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building,
55 Wellesley St E, Auckland
Free event
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andreas klassen gZB i dA6ns unsplash

What's it all about?

Do you struggle to answer the question, “What have I actually achieved today?”

Do you get side-tracked by incoming emails or messages?

Do you “quickly” check your social media feed – only to realise you’ve spent 30 minutes watching cat videos?

We can help!

Join us to hear about the latest AUT research on how to harness technology to improve your focus and defeat distraction at work and at home.

In this one-hour, interactive workshop, we will share new evidence and explore:

  ☑️ The myth of multitasking
  ☑️ Managing the email flood
  ☑️ The Pomodoro technique
  ☑️ The power of a break
  ☑️ Reducing distractions
  ☑️ The technology vacuum
  ☑️ Making the most of working remotely

We won’t just talk about how to become more focused; we will also offer a mini challenge where you can apply what we have learned in our session.

We can’t wait to meet you at the event and become hyper-focused together!


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Dr Lena Waizenegger

Senior Lecturer and Public speaker

Lena is a senior lecturer at AUT and her research covers digital disconnection and ubiquitous connectivity. Her work has been published in top journals and featured in renowned media outlets including Forbes magazine, Psychology Today and the BBC. Lena won an AUT Emerging Researcher award in 2020.

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Taino Bendz

Workshop Facilitator

Taino's mission is to help people live a better life by changed technology habits. In addition
to organising the annual Phone Free Day Global Challenge, he runs workshops and presents
widely about digital wellbeing. Taino has a master's degree and worked in the tech sector for 10 years.

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