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Innovative tech in the classroom

PLD day for all teachers interested in exploring a range of innovative digital technologies that be integrated across the curriculum.


Monday 24 May
8:45am - 7:00pm


Hawke's Bay
Free event
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What's it all about?

Interested in exploring innovative tech, like Augment/Virtual/Mixed Reality, Minecraft, Microbits, Internet of Things? What to learn how these technologies can be integrated into your teaching and across subjects?

The recent changes within the DT|MH areas of the curriculum has meant all teacher are required to integrate digital technologies into their teaching which focus on the construction rather than consumption of technology. 

This hands-on event is open to all educators interested in learning how you (and your students) can create their own experiences. The event will introduce a range of tools, which you can then apply in your own classes to support students learn across different learning areas.

This PLD event is targeted at all teachers (and pre-service), from Primary to Secondary, interested in starting their own journey into integrating the DT|HM and better linking this within a range of subjects.

The event doesn't expect any prior experience, just an interest in learning and giving it a go.


NEW - The evening event will now be streamed online. 4-7pm

View the event website for more information.

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