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Old Problems New tech. Using GeoAI to answer classic problems in earth

How GeoAI is combining classic geospatial analysis techniques with cutting edge AI technologies to solve old problems in new ways!


Tuesday 25 May
2:00pm - 5:00pm

Orbica HQ, Level 2,
130 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch, New Zealand
Free event
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nasa Q1p7bh3SHj8 unsplash3

What's it all about?

Over the last few decades advances in the quality and range of data acquired from satellites, planes and drones have opened up a world of opportunity in the domain of digital geography. However, many problems related to the measurement of changes on the Earths’ surface remain unanswered and have existed since the first satellites captured the incredible images of our pale blue dot in the 1960s.

Come along and understand how the new discipline of GeoAI is combining classic geospatial analysis techniques with cutting edge AI technologies to solve old problems in new ways. During this 3-hr session with an ‘unconference’ format, we would love to dive into both technical and business discussions with you focused on driving understanding around the impact modern earth observation data can offer our planet, especially with the impending grand challenges we are facing this century. Climate change, sea-level rise, habit loss, ecological collapse Etc.


Overview talk by Orbica team focused on different elements of GeoAI

  • Kurt Joy: - The ‘old’ problems and ‘old’ way
  • Sagar Soni: New AI technologies to the rescue
  • Kurt Janssen: - Business focused discussion

Unconference: Come along and be prepared to be engaged, offer topics for discussion, and get involved in the group discussion. From deep AI technical discussions focused on massive computer vision problems, to remote sensing and data fusion to business applications and considerations from an investment perspective. Let’s see where the discussion takes us as we break into groups focused on topics voted for by all participants.

Knowledge sharing: The focus groups come back together, share their discussion points, conclusions, and anything else of interest with the wider group.

Networking after the event


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Sagar Soni

AI Specialist

Sagar is a data scientist and an AI specialist with an MTech in IT.
He combined his AI skills with geospatial technology to develop algorithms that automate the extraction and classification of features of the Earth’s surface such as rivers, building outlines, roads and vegetation.

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Dr Kurt Joy

Spatial Analyst

Dr Kurt Joy has a PHD in geology from UC. He’s a geological and geospatial innovator skilled in spatial solutions architecture. His strengths include the collection and analysis of 3D point cloud data, spatial geoprocessing techniques, and the use of UAV’s for field data collection.

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Kurt Janssen


Kurt is a geospatial entrepreneur and founder of Christchurch-based location data intelligence company Orbica.
He has a BSc Hons (Geography) from the University of Canterbury and a wealth of experience working for central government and private companies in New Zealand and California, U.S.

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