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Outperforming Oil with Trees

Discuss NZs unique opportunity to outperform oil with Pine wood in the production of valuable, low impact products and materials from trees.


Friday 28 May
2:00pm - 3:00pm


Rāngai Studios,
233 Gladstone Road, Gisborne
Free event
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What's it all about?

Join the Futurity team as they discuss New Zealand’s unique opportunity to outperform oil with NZ Pine wood and become a global leader in the production of valuable, low impact products and materials from trees.  Helping the world decouple from oil.

Firstly, we will discuss and demonstrate how currently, everything we use is either made or distributed by oil, even things you would never realise such as vanilla flavourings, beauty products and glues.

We will then discuss the incredible natural design of a tree, and how they have evolved with unique molecules with special characteristics that work together to allow a tree to grow tall and strong, resist the sun, hold and repel water, surviving decades.

Then, using examples, how we have developed a process that isolates the unique molecules in wood and how they can be used to outperform oil in everyday products based on their natural advantages to reduce various products impact on our environment. By outperform we mean economically, environmentally and socially.

To close we will highlight how this is a big opportunity for New Zealand, which currently exports over 20,000,000 T of raw logs per year. We can add value to this wood, benefiting local communities, creating jobs and putting New Zealand on the map as a leader in the bio-economy. Importantly we will highlight the challenges and benefits in realising this opportunity as well as the need for collaboration with, and guidance from mana whenua to assure that whatever practices and industry are developed in the future protect the mauri of our land and water for future generations.

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