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Using tech for virtual collaboration

Having trouble collaborating virtually? Come along to find out how to harness tech to collaborate better than ever before.


Friday 28 May
12:00pm - 1:30pm


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What's it all about?

We no longer have the luxury of all crowding around the whiteboard or sitting in a meeting room together shooting the breeze or scribbling on post its.

However one thing we know for sure is that the need for collaboration hasn't stopped, if anything is has increased. But how do you do it virtually?

In this event we will show you how - utilising the latest in tech and harnessing future of work micro practices to bring all the goodness of co-located collaboration into the virtual world. Spoiler alert - actually collaboration can be enhanced - way better - due to be being virtual. Let us show you how so that you can take this back to your tech team. 

We will be talking through a short case study and giving you lots of hands on practical experience.
As pioneers in the future of work space, we can introduce you to ways of working as used by kiwi innovation teams such as Enspiral, HYPR, IAG, ATEED, AUT, SBC and BDO. 

This event will be interactive and immersive. Come prepared to participate.   

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