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XR Virtual Production

Developing capability, capacity, resilience & competitive edge


Friday 28 May
9:45am - 11:30am

AUT City Campus, WG308, Level 3, Sir Paul Reeves (WG) Building,
55 Wellesley St E, Auckland
Free event
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Disguise XR hero image

What's it all about?

AUT and Auckland Unlimited invite members of the screen, creative tech, and education sectors, to explore how XR virtual production can support the growth of our economy, and consider what needs to happen to make this a reality.

XR is the new VFX

Productions like The Mandalorian have reinvented screen production. Extended reality (XR) workflows behind such projects empower production teams to deliver augmented and mixed reality within live production environments.

XR improves multiple aspects in film, TV and live production by creating an immersive production experience within a real-time 3D workflow and stage simulator. The process gives directors and designers more control and faster calibration workflows within real production environments, enabling delivery on time.

Betting on the future

Developing capability in virtual production is a way of ensuring sustainability and advantage in the sector. With remote work becoming commonplace, premium digital productions are transitioning from luxuries to necessities.

Join us for a panel and networking event to build XR virtual production awareness, consider the future, and discuss how we can get there, together.

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