Techweek returns 20-26 May 2024!

Save the date for 2024 and join us to celebrate New Zealand tech that's good for the world.

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Becoming More Digital

We are on a path to digital transformation with technology helping to keep people connected and the economy active, but to attain our share of the exponential growth potential in the digital sector and the economy, we must act no

Celebrating Tech Leaders and Tech Stories

New Zealand is home to some of the most innovative people and businesses in the world. Now is the time to share inspiring stories of local tech innovation and leadership. And it’s not just our cities that are hubs of technological innovation. Our regions are amazing proving grounds for ground-breaking ideas. Techweek celebrates all Aotearoa New Zealand and champions activity and stories from Cape Reinga to Bluff. 

Climate and Sustainable Tech

New Zealand is defined by its natural environment, and its progressive and entrepreneurial spirit – qualities that can put us at the forefront of climate and sustainable tech solutions. Our innovation supports global climate change mitigation and there’s immediate and global demand for tech-based solutions. 

Diversity of Thought

New Zealand’s diverse people and thinking leads to novel impactful ideas and solutions and inclusivity is the bedrock of innovation. Techweek23 will elevate and showcase diversity excellence in digital and tech business and encourage all people to explore digital careers pathways.

Advancing Māori Tech

Promoting Māori success in tech is crucial and Mātauranga Māori has the ability to have a profound positive impact on the reasons we create and the way in which we interact with technology. 

Inspiring Tech Careers

The next generation is critical to ensuring a diverse, thriving, and successful tech ecosystem for New Zealand. New Zealand is focused on growing its tech and digital skills and talent pool to match the growing demand for jobs and careers in tech. It is crucial we have the skills and talent to thrive in the future by enabling opportunities to train, discover and recruit and upskill New Zealand talent.

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