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A Parents Guide to Gaming

Explore the different aspects of gaming from eSports to social gaming spaces and their effects on Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Date and time:

Fri 20 May 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

In person

West Coast

Byte - Digital Hub - Greymouth, 1 Guinness Street, Greymouth


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A Parents Guide to Gaming

Children play video games, this is no secret, in fact 73% of New Zealanders play video games with an average of 88 mins a day playing them. This workshop looks at the different aspects of gaming and how each of those can affect your child's health and wellbeing both negatively and positively. We take a dive into how gaming has transformed social interactions for today's younger generation and how it has changed the way we communicate while also looking at the competitive aspects of gaming and how those can be used to foster positive relationships, sportsmanship and resilience.

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