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Global impact

Attracting international investment, talent and industry channels

What does it take to attract international investment, talent and open up industry channels?

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Wed 18 May 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM



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New Zealand is increasingly becoming a haven for international talent and attracting world class investors. They bring fresh perspective, networks, and an understanding of nuances in the global markets to strategically open up investment and industry channels for Kiwi start-ups. They can also play an important role in positioning Kiwi start-ups for global success and become the company's moat.

During this event we will speak to Katherine Sandford (CEO of UBCO), Janine Grainger (CEO of Easy Crypto) and Adrien Gheur (Partner at Nuance Connected Capital - a deep tech fund) who have successfully attracted significant international capital and talent for growth and leveraged their networks for global expansion. You will hear both founder and investor perspectives on the benefits, challenges, and opportunities that the process has created for them. The session will also cover how founders can leverage local VCs to take their company global.

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Katherine Sandford


Katherine is an internationally experienced technology executive. Serving more than two decades with NASDAQ-listed Trimble Inc, she supported scale up to revenue of more than $2B. As Chief Executive and Chair of UBCO, a Tauranga-based electric adventure vehicle company, she is now leading a growing global team of ~100, with primary focus on the US market. Katherine is passionate about the impact that technology can play in making the world a better place. In addition to her lead role at UBCO, she serves the NZ technology ecosystem as an active angel investor, and well-respected director, mentor and advisor.

In terms of capital, UBCO has raised pre-seed, seed, series A, a couple of convertible note rounds and now into Series B.

Team has increased from 35 to almost 100 since September 2021.

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Janine Grainger


Janine Grainger is the co-founder and CEO of Easy Crypto, New Zealand's leading cryptocurrency retail platform. Easy Crypto was established in 2017 to offer a secure, simple and easy-to-understand way for anyone to get involved in the cryptocurrency market.

Four years after launching, Easy Crypto has transacted over a billion dollars in total sales, has a team of 100, and has raised over $25M NZD in fundraising rounds.


Adrien Gheur

General Partner, Nuance Connected Capital

Adrien is a Founding Partner of Nuance Capital. Nuance is a deep-tech fund that invests in and supports New Zealand entrepreneurs building world-class companies. Its mission is to provide founders company-building expertise and strategic access to global markets.

Adrien has 20+ years investment and company building experience with leading venture capital, private equity and hedge fund groups. Having lived in 9 countries on 5 continents, Adrien brings a unique understanding of local investment landscapes, cultural nuances and a passion for solving problems.