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Build Tech Tip #1: Hiring for an 80% fit is the new 100%

Why hiring the person who fits a role by 80% is more valuable to an organisation than the person who ticks all the boxes

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Build Tech Tip #1: Hiring for an 80% fit is the new 100%

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Mon 16 May 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


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Build Tech Tip #1: Hiring for an 80% fit is the new 100%

Missed this session? Check out the recording https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/8101127329743164175

Join ANZ's Carl Broadbridge and Brooke Treadgold as they discuss the value in not hiring the perfect fit for a role but focusing on what the team and the role needs while facilitating cross team progression and individual growth. Joining the discussion will be one of the team's Chapter Leads, Sanitina Blair - an advocate for the lessons presented by stepping out of comfort zones (not ticking that 100% fit box) and facing challenging environments.

Part of our Build Tech Tips speaker series on Building a High Performing Tech Organisation - a speaker series of enriching discussions for achieving organisational success. As part of ANZ’s passion for building New Zealand’s Technology Ecosystem, we'll be sharing thought leadership and lessons learnt on creating an effective tech organisation, focusing both on individuals looking to build their tech careers and, on Tech companies looking to boost their understanding and appeal to new and experienced tech talent - from hiring to retaining to growth and diversity. Join us for one, some or all of these engaging panel discussions.

Get an insight into Santina's experience via her recent interview with Techweek.

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Carl Broadbridge Casual

Carl Broadbridge

GM Performance & Planning, Technology, ANZ

With over 33 years of technology experience (9½ years at ANZ), Carl thrives on change and during his career has held many different roles across the breadth of technology while working in five different countries.

As the GM Performance and Planning in ANZ New Zealand’s Technology team he believes that a growth mindset and hard work can take you anywhere and, having hired hundreds of talented people in his time, Carl is looking forward to sharing his insights into hiring the right kind of person into your team.

As a father, his spare time is spent playing tennis, indoor netball and acting as a free taxi driver for his two children! 

Brooke Treadgold

Brooke Treadgold

Portfolio Lead – Data & Analytics, ANZ

A leader that is focused on enabling sustainable organisational change through challenging the status quo & implementing pragmatic solutions that improve the way we deliver value to our customers. As a Portfolio Lead in the Data Delivery team, Brooke leads & executes a number of data initiatives that aim to strategically change how we use data to guide continuous improvement. Outside of work Brooke loves to spend time with her friends & family.

Sanitina Blair

Santina Blair

Engineering Chapter Lead, ANZ

As an Engineering Chapter Lead at ANZ Santina enjoys implementing people-centric leadership practices to support, grow, and enable people in the software space.

She is also a big supporter of modern engineering practices to improve flow and delivery.She is a passionate advocate for diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace. Outside work she pays it forward by mentoring current and future Engineering leaders.

In her free time, she likes to attend to her rose garden, do calligraphy, and hang out with her two favourite people, her wife, and their teen boy plus a cat named Keanu.

Read Santina's blog about not ticking all the boxes.