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Digital transformation

Customer Success - Accelerate your transformation goals!

Driving Value & Adoption is mission-critical to succeed in your digital transformation - These building blocks will give you a kick-start!

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Customer Success - Accelerate your transformation goals!

To make your digital transformation a long-lasting success story, you should overlay your tech- and product-savvy project activities with "Customer Success" (CS) focused activities. These (CS) activities are all about Driving Value & Adoption!

Viability — Feasibility — Desire

Business leaders usually define success criteria based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like faster processes, reduced cost, or improved compliance, to name a few. These are all valid reasons for your business case to initiate a transformation project.

However, when it comes to the actual project implementation, our attention shifts too often to project-related topics like achieving milestones and meeting financial budgets, pushing at the same time these business-related KPIs to the background. Furthermore, we tend to focus on the technical and product feature related side of our project, neglecting to address the vital components of the transformation of our implementation project.

The negative impact is manifold: from slow uptake of the new solution to low end-user satisfaction, from delayed value achievements to missing our business goals!


Fixing these issues after the fact is like the "ambulance at the bottom of the cliff": it will cost us more time and effort, more resources and money to get it fixed.

A more desirable approach is to address this challenge proactively: we identify the factors for a successful transition and then embed required activities into our implementation project. We call this "Driving Value & Adoption", and it is part of our Customer Success methodology.

How to get started?

We will share how to get started today by addressing relevant factors to drive Value & Adoption. It is your kick-start for today, allowing you transformation capabilities steadily.

We explain which building blocks are mission-critical and why addressing them won't cost you the world but will positively impact your execution performance, including winning your end-users and advocates for your solution.

Run your project for a better tomorrow. Make your digital transformation an ever-lasting success story – by including your Customer Success methodology.


Ralf Wittgen

Dynamics 365 Customer Success Manager

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