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Cyber Security for Startups

Cyber security is often an after thought for startups. Andy will talk about areas that startups need to focus on. BTW - It's 5pm so BYO!

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Mon 16 May 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM




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(NOTE: it's a 5pm talk, so BYO drinks!)

Andy Prow, previous EY Entrepreneur of the Year winner, founder of 5 tech companies, including RedShield Security and Aura InfoSec, and advisor to Quidnet Ventures will discuss the importance of cyber-security for startups.

In his 20+ years in software development and cyber-security Andy says that even mature companies will often have a weak and immature security posture and are in catch-up mode. As a startup you're in the perfect position to get it right, and secure your organisation from the ground up, as part of your culture and every system and process. However most startups do the opposite and consider cyber-security and info-sec as too hard and expensive to consider now, and something that you'll bolt on later.

This free educational session will talk about the things you need to consider, and strategies to plan even from day one. As a startup you'll be developing some new tech and creating unique IP, you're going to be wanting to gain customers (especially global customers) and attract investors and future acquirers. For all of these things a robust cyber-security posture is a must-have, it's just down to when you start...

This event is sponsored by Quidnet Ventures, a US based early-stage investment firm. Quidnet Ventures invests in science-based, deep-tech companies in New Zealand, working to solve the world’s most pressing problems. "We’re here to make sure Kiwi businesses flourish on the world stage and make a global impact."

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