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Diagnose and repair your own laptop at home with Recycle a Device

This online event will give you an introduction into how easy it can be to give new life to your old laptop

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Mon 16 May 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM


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Diagnose and repair your own laptop at home with Recycle a Device

Participate in the circular economy by fixing your laptop instead of throwing it away and buying a new one!

Did you know that many of the laptops people throw away can be fixed quickly and easily at home? If your laptop fan is overheating, the battery doesn’t last long,or your computer runs slow, learn how to diagnose and repair these and other issues at home with Remojo Tech and Recycle a Device.

This 1 hour session will cover how to do basic diagnosis and repair of common laptop issues at home without any specialised or expensive equipment. Alongside a presentation and practical demonstration of common problems and repair techniques, you will be able to ask questions about your specific hardware and software issues.

Learning how to repair devices at home is a great way to reconsider whether anything you own that you would normally throw away once it stops working can be salvaged. Not only will you learn some new skills but you will also have the opportunity to save money now and in the future!

Please join from another device than the one you're planning to repair, if possible, so that you have the opportunity to repair your device during the session

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