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Digital transformation

Digital Customer Engagement

Taking your Digital Customer Experience to the next level, key considerations based on your digital maturity

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Wed 18 May 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

In person


Datacom- Genesis Building, 94 Bryce Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204

Level 2


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Digital Customer Engagement

Do you think about your current marketing technology ecosystem and wonder – what should we tackle next? Where should we prioritise our budget? Which fire should we ignore while we put out other fires?

Join us for a short presentation, hosted by Datacom’s Digital team in-region (Practice Manager Josh Pranlal and General Manager Blair MacAndrew), where we will cover key considerations to better your digital customer experience, especially focusing on balancing the various trade-offs depending on your company’s digital maturity and customer offering.

To round off, we will look at some New Zealand and international examples, covering scenarios with different maturity levels, the challenges they faced and the approaches they took.

The presentation will be followed with some Q&A over a drink, and then open for nibbles and networking.


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Josheel Pranlal

Josh is the regional practice manager for Datacom’s Digital Platforms team, where he helps clients to digitally connect with, understand and engage their customers. Josh has 10 years’ international and local experience in both digital and business transformations from mid-market through to multinational enterprise, having covered retail, grocery, quick-serve restaurants, telecoms, manufacturing and more. He’s passionate about helping clients with their digital strategies and roadmaps, especially when it comes to leveraging data, technology and people to transform their experience offerings, driving customer loyalty.