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Digital Inclusion in the Manawatū

Helping people in the Manawatū access and use digital tech

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Date and time:

Fri 20 May 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM




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TWTV: Digital inclusion in Manawatū

Talented students at local schools struggle to keep up if they have no laptop. When they have their own they are free to learn and explore, which is better than waiting for a classmate to finish with a shared one or borrowing one from a library. Access to a device is even more important now with classrooms or schools closing due to covid. Connectivity is also essential: it is one thing to have a device, another to have reliable internet so you can work.

Digits provide laptops, internet, support and training for families that have no other way to access it. Students and their wider whānau learn from experienced tutors and can do their school work, write a CV, use a wordprocessor, bank online, communicate, schedule welfare meetings, use email and all the usual things we take for granted. This is an everyday issue for local families across our region and beyond.

We bridge the digital divide. We provide low cost effective tools when no other solution is available.

Digits is Not for Profit organisation based in the Manawatu. Come and hear our story, our impact in the community, some feedback in person from a Digits volunteer and learn more about how you can help.

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