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Digital transformation

Engineering Productivity: Releasing your team's handbrake

An introduction and no-regrets recommendations on managing the productivity, reliability and job satisfaction of software delivery.

Date and time:

Tue 17 May 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Virtual + In person


GridAKL / John Lysaght, 101 Pakenham St W, Auckland, 1010

The event space, seated.


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Engineering Productivity: Releasing your team's handbrake

From startups to enterprises, the struggle to attract, grow and retain the tech talent needed to build and run software systems is at a crisis point. Imagine if every team could operate 10x faster? And had a bonus of two months delivery time each year?

Engineering Productivity is how advanced, high-performing teams maximise their teams' time on customer value and minimise the time wasted on common engineering challenges. Managing productivity & reliability helps the customer, the organisation and the team's job satisfaction.

In this talk, Myles from Wires Uncrossed Engineering covers how any organisation can jump-start their engineering productivity. We will condense the lessons learnt from working with hundreds of teams and applying global research into a shortlist of no-regrets wins valuable for a team of 3, 30 or 300 alike.

This is an in-person/online hybrid event.

Agenda (times in NZT):

5:00 pm: Gather & network. Drinks and snacks are available, and the online stream (link below) begins with a pre-recorded talk.
5:15 pm: In-person talk begins
6:00 pm: In-person Q&A


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Myles Henaghan

Technical Director

Myles the Technical Director of Wires Uncrossed - a Communications and Change consultancy for Technical Teams. He now leads their Engineering practice focused on Software Engineering Productivity. 

WUE works with some of the largest (and smallest) software teams in Australasia to help make Engineering easier, more efficient and accessible.