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Digital transformation

Engineering the Progress towards our digital future

Never heard of Digital Engineering? We'll demonstrate transformation in engineering with the aid of New technology and Data Driven Solutions

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Date and time:

Thu 19 May 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM




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Engineering the Progress towards our digital future

We all know what Digital means in our day to day world, the internet, social networks, and for some, it has quickly evolved into the de facto way we interact with the world. But what about Engineering? What does Digital mean for Engineering?

At Mott MacDonald, one of the key areas is Digital Engineering. This event will demonstrate how engineering projects have been transformed with the aid of technology and data-driven processes. Showcasing where we came from, what's possible and what's in store for the future of the industry.

We will be exploring:

- Digital process integration

- Digital Engineering transformation

- Data-driven designs

- Design outcomes (visualisations, presentations, stakeholder engagements)

- Democratising data

- Taking engineering to the digital dimension (how things are changing with digital tools)

- Industry toolsChallenges and new opportunities (what is the industry facing now and how it may look in the future)

- Using gaming technology for engineering projects

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