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GenAI v3

Find Your Path Bootcamp - Start-ups Clarify Your On-line Business Now!

Get clear on the business you actually want to do on-line, together with your very first steps you need to take to ensure success, with Ai!

This event does not require registration.

Date and time:

23 May, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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Find Your Path Bootcamp - Start-ups Clarify Your On-line Business Now!

In this bootcamp you will learn how to:-

Brainstorm ideas with Ai on what business you may want to launch on-line if you don’t know what to sell.

If you already have an idea, fine-tuning it into something that could actually sell, with the help of Ai.

Get the perfect script from your instructor to help you with your ‘Value Proposition’ (something every successful business is clear on) – again, with the help of Ai.

Start defining your Unique Selling Points (USPs) – this will help your customers decide why they would want to work with you over others.

Get taken through ‘The 7 Whys’ Process’ with your Instructor to get to the real reason you want to do your business. Entrepreneurship isn’t always an easy ride and if your ‘why’ is not strong enough, it’s unlikely you will get through the rocky patches.

The second half of the bootcamp participants will have the opportunity to come up and practice whatever exercise has been presented so they can get guidance from the instructor directly if they want, and, time allowing.

There will also be an opportunity for anyone to ask the instructor any questions on Ai in relation to marketing that could help them take the next step up and get them moving with their on-line business.

This is an excellent bootcamp to do before Saturday 25th May 2024 bootcamp on ‘How to create and launch a website using Ai’. (Free).

By the end of this session you should have:-

A better idea of what you want to launch on-line.

A compelling Value Proposition or at least one that you can work on with the provided script and Ai technique taught.

Clarity on some of your USPs with the knowledge to perfect and improve after learning how to do this with Ai.

Have a great exercise that will help you get clear on your ‘Why’ you want to do your business

The opportunity to ask questions with an Ai and Digital Marketing Expert for free.

A chance to actually create the website (service-based not shopping cart fyi as we won't have enough time) in the free Saturday bootcamp should you choose to join that one too.

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