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Hiring and Retention: Better Judgement in a Chaotic Market

How you start is how you finish

Date and time:

Wed 18 May 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

In person


Potentia Recruitment, 222 Lambton Quay, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011

You'll find us on level 6 of Equinox House


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Hiring and Retention: Better Judgement in a Chaotic Market

We all know how chaotic the hiring market is at the moment but as an employer, how can you ensure you are securing and retaining the ‘right’ people? What are some of the things you need to think about, now and in the future?

During Techweek22, we’re going to be jumping headfirst into the world of hiring and exiting strategies – debating a series of topics across different stages of the employee lifecycle.

You’ll come away from this session with hiring and retention insights and a toolkit that eases your conscience and gives you a defendable plan for not just in the madness of today’s market but also in perpetuity:

- What some Kiwi companies are doing differently with their hiring and exiting

- What behaviours in the recruitment process tell you about the person

- Building new employee relationships swiftly

- Resignations and disengagement – know when to hold em, know when to fold em

- The importance of a great alumni programme

This will be an interactive session, drawing on research to give you soundbites, commentary and data, as well as attendee's insights and of course, the panel’s wisdom.

If 2022 hiring and retention is on your priority list, this is a Techweek event you cannot miss.



Owen Evans

Senior Vice President Of Technology (CTO) @ Timely

Owen has led engineering teams in some of Aotearoa’s fastest growing startups, and has a solid reputation as an authentic leader here in Wellington. On the night, he’ll be sharing some of his insights "from the trenches", and talking about how he is trying to question the status quo when it comes to retention and benefits.

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Ian White

CEO @ ZX Security

Ian is CEO of ZX Security, who have experienced substantial growth in one of the most competitive and skillset-short sectors. With his competition taking an aggressive stance to hiring, Ian has had substantial success retaining and growing his team by fostering a creative, transparent and collaborative culture.


Diana Minnée

Director @ The BizOps Agency

Diana works at The BizOps Agency where she provides virtual COO services to Arcanum AI and Tapi. Diana has a delivery background, is highly passionate about organisational design and is a strong advocate for women in tech. She is keen to share her thoughts on ways business can foster a productive and collaborative culture, which in turn creates retention and a competitive EVP.

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