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How To Get Quick Wins by Using Marketing to Promote Tech

Who says marketing isn't important for your tech business? We will convince you otherwise.

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Thu 19 May 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM




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How To Get Quick Wins by Using Marketing to Promote Tech

Join us for a discussion about marketing strategies for your Tech business. We will talk about why you need marketing and why it is important for your business. How you can use MDF and how you can use funding from vendors to support that change and growth. We are lucky enough to have Simon Walker, founder of change agency Proposition, and Victoria Cooke, Proposition’s Strategy Lead, to talk about their secrets to changing your business for the better by using marketing.

We will dive in deeper to discuss the following...

- What are Marketing Development Funds? How can you benefit from using MDFs?
- How is technology changing how we do marketing?
- What is working with a creative agency like?
- What are the marketing strategies that can benefit your tech business?
- How to work with vendors?


simon speaker image1

Simon Walker

Founder & Strategy Director

victoria speaker image

Victoria Cooke

Strategy Lead

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