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Innovating for Change - Business Breakfast

We all keep hearing that business is changing and our responses must change. From our current point of view our future can look overwhelming

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Tue 17 May 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

In person

West Coast

Beachfront Hotel, 111 Revell Street, Hokitika 7810

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Innovating for Change - Business Breakfast

Techweek22 will explore and showcase the unique characteristics of the tech and innovation sector, which is growing rapidly. Techweek is about people, relationships, community, and connectedness. Join us for an inspiring discussion from innovation leader, Dorenda Britten.

We all keep hearing that business is changing and our responses must change. From our current point of view our future can look overwhelming.

Who do we listen to, who do we believe, where do we get our information? What is change going to cost us?

There are some things that remain the same in business and that is your need to make a profit from your efforts. But there are many external trends we need to internalise to be successful. These things can briefly be described as social, environmental and financial. It can no longer be assumed that your financial goals can be achieved without addressing the first two externalities.

At this business breakfast you will be introduced to a set of prompts that can help guide you through this new territory.

Dorenda will also be presenting an in-depth half day innovation workshop in Greymouth on Wednesday, 18th of May. Learn more about the Rethinking Solutions workshop here: https://westcoast.co.nz/events/techweek-2022-innovation-workshop-rethinking-solutions-thriving-not-just-surviving/ If you’re interested take advantage of this fully subsided opportunity and register for the workshop now.

About the presenter:

Dorenda Britten Ltd was established in 2015. She is a motivated woman with a goal to make an impact in New Zealand. Her background is wonderfully varied and entrepreneurial, both in New Zealand and overseas. Her career began in design, moved to cargo shipping in the Pacific, then to property development in New Zealand, before returning to design. Dorenda’s mothers’ family comes from the West Coast and she spent much of her formative years here.

Dorenda is a challenger and future-thinker, whose work is founded on a platform of design principles. She has taught many entities around New Zealand and is currently building an online learning platform.

Learn more about Dorenda Britten Ltd here:

· https://dorendabritten.com/

· https://www.linkedin.com/in/dorendabritten/


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Dorenda Britten