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Jitsi360; a platform for virtual tours

A live demo and overview of the Jitsi360 platform for virtual tours and meetings using immersive 360 videos, images and live streaming.

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Fri 20 May 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM



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Jitsi360; a platform for virtual tours

Over the last two years travel restrictions have severely impacted tourism and business travel. As a result a range of different technologies have been developed for virtual tourism, remote meetings, and collaboration. This seminar will present a live demo and overview of the Jitsi360 platform for remote tours and meetings, being developed at the University of Auckland and by start-up Envisage AR.

Unlike other platforms, Jitsi360 supports live streaming of 360 degree video, and sharing of 360 recorded video and images. This allows tour participants to view content shared by a guide, and be able to look in any direction from the guide location. It has features designed to enhance remote participation such as pointing, image zooming and viewpoint control. It is also built from the ground up to support video conferencing, and so can easily enable tours of dozens of people at the same time. As such it provides an ideal platform for virtual tourism, but also could be used for a wide range of other domains, such as real estate, site inspection, museums and galleries, etc.

Jitsi360 has been successfully tested with hundreds of remote participants from around the world. These studies have shown that people find the technology more immersive, engaging and easier to use than traditional video conferencing solutions. The team is now looking for applications domains, and partners that would like to test the technology in their own industry.

The seminar will show a live demo that can be experienced on a laptop or desktop PC, phone/tablet, or even VR display. We will also provide an overview of the technology, and how it will be enhanced in the near future. Finally, we will have a discussion about how Jitsi360 could be used in application areas of interest to seminar attendees.