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Digital transformation

Let's talk about the word, "digital."

You’ll walk away with a new view on digital, what it means to the future of your business, and how your business ranks in digital aptitude.

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Thu 19 May 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Let's talk about the word, "digital."

We’re all talking about the word, "digital," yet majority of the time, we’re talking apples, while others are talking oranges. Throw the word “transformation” in the mix, and it’s a real fruit salad.

As it turns out, this is quite the topic of conversation.*

In this session, you’ll walk away with a different perspective on digital transformation, what it means to the future of your business and how your business compares to others when it comes to digital aptitude.

*Based on research released by Xero, Deloitte, Better For Business (B4B) / Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment (MBIE), and The Enterprisers Project.

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