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Climate & sustainability

Measure + reduce employee emissions with Abley CarbonWise

Interested in measuring emissions generated by employee commuting? Abley CarbonWise makes it easy!

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Wed 18 May 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM


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Measure + reduce employee emissions with Abley CarbonWise

Abley has recently launched the first digital tool called CarbonWise, to measure and help reduce commuting emissions generated by the daily commute, using a simple survey of employees' travel choices. This software allows organisations to measure their commuting emissions and to make their employees more aware of their travel impact.

In this 30 minute webinar, Benjamin Walch (Sustainability Specialist) will demonstrate how CarbonWise works and explain how you can apply it to your organisation's carbon reduction and sustainability strategies.


Benja lowres

Benjamin Walch

Sustainability Specialist

Benjamin is a Sustainability Specialist at Abley.

He provides analysis for transport strategies, international literature reviews, and research pieces, with a focus on walking, cycling, and micro-mobility (e.g. e-scooters). He has also successfully helped clients obtain government funding through his business case writing skills. His passion for the environment has seen him develop expertise in measuring and forecasting transportation carbon emissions.

Benjamin has Master’s degrees in Political Science from Sciences Po Rennes (France) and in Regional & Urban Planning from the London School of Economics (UK). This education gave him an ability to grasp how cities and regions function on a social, economic, and political level.

He was a Transport Planner in the UK working for a coalition of five west London Boroughs. There, he helped companies and developers promote alternatives to car use (active travel, public transport). He also delivered cycle parking infrastructure projects on residential roads and managed a behaviour change cycling programme on a university campus.

Benjamin brings a unique combination of public sector and start-up experience to the Abley team. He founded an early stage parking start-up in London and joined Lime’s operations in Melbourne and Auckland, handling both deployment/retrieval and repairs of the e-scooters.

What Benjamin loves is a beautiful streetscape where people walk, cycle, and scoot safely around each other, and stop to enjoy the atmosphere. He believes in a future with climate-resilient communities and without the need for fossil fuels.