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Digital transformation

New Gen Super Shuttle: Grow, Optimise and Futureproof with Mobli

The platform that Mobility is built on - transforming the operations, driver and customer experience for Super Shuttle through Mobli

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Date and time:

Wed 18 May 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM




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New Gen Super Shuttle: Grow, Optimise and Futureproof with Mobli

If you’ve travelled anywhere in New Zealand, chances are you’ll have seen a Super Shuttle a fair few times (often zipping past you in the bus lane!). Duncan Chae, Head of Product Delivery, for Mobli will take you through the journey of how Mobli have supported Super Shuttle in positioning for the future and lifting the overall employee and customer experience by transitioning to the Mobli platform.

Mobli are a global mobility software as a service start up founded in New Zealand in 2019 with a mission to make mobility accessible, sustainable and fun for everyone. In progressing this mission Mobli is working alongside some of the world’s biggest companies to provide mobility based solutions to improve performance for any mobility business, whilst providing a much better experience to staff and customers. With its ready-to-use, fully customisable products, Mobli covers the end-to-end journey - from business set-up & operations, payments, user/customer experience, and analytics. Our goal is to create the first true mobility management cloud which is to transport what Shopify is to e-commerce.