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Pen-Plotting Weaving-Inspired Designs with Python

2-hour, hands-on workshop on writing Python code to plot patterns using a pen plotter (basic robot that guides a pen along lines and curves)

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Date and time:

Sat 21 May 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Virtual + In person


Massey University Wellington, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Block 1 Te Whare Pukākā,, Mount Cook, Wellington 6021

Room 1D12, Block 1 (Entrance C, Wallace st.)


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Pen-Plotting Weaving-Inspired Designs with Python

This beginner/intermediate workshop provides a practical introduction to coding art for pen plotters using the Python programming language. Specifically, participants will generate designs using Python code inspired by decorative weaving, whether a geometric or organic pattern, latticed tukutuku/arapaki style design, or something African? Whatever excites you.

We'll provide participants with computers (although you can use your own laptop if you prefer), and, of course, there's a pen plotter and vast array of colourful pens to select and combine. Everybody gets to plot an artwork they coded -- something you can frame, turn into a birthday or greeting card, or stick on the fridge.

The venue at Massey University's College of Creative Arts campus can accommodate 25 people; virtual attendee slots are unlimited. We will mail (via postal service) plotted artwork to virtual attendees. If Covid restrictions prohibit an in-person event, we switch to fully-virtual.

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Tristan Bunn

Creative Technologies, Massey University's College of Creative Arts

Tristan is a researcher, practitioner, and educator whose work explores the intersection of code, interaction, interface design, and creativity. He is actively involved in open-source projects that explore Python as a language for creative coding. He has presented on that topic at various events (PyCon, LibreGraphics, CC Fest) and written a book on Processing.py (publisher No Starch Press). He spent a decade working in digital agencies and tech startups before taking on an academic role at Massey University's School of Music and Creative Media Production.

Taylor Carrasco

Visual Effects, Massey University's College of Creative Arts

Taylor forged his career in games and film in 2007, developing pipeline tools in Python for LeapFrog and Zynga as well as a variety of startups. At Weta Digital, he used Python to augment Maya, Nuke, and Houdini to create next-generation visuals on over 15 feature films from Avatar to Mortal Engines. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Visual and Game Programming and is currently finishing an MBA specialising in Digital Transformation. He currently works as a Lecturer at Massey University in Visual Effects, with his research focused on emergent motion through spatial and data analysis.