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Quantum Computing Decade

Quantum Decade- Why Quantum Computing and why now?

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23 May, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington

Generator Bowen Street, 40 Bowen Street, Pipitea, Wellington 6011

The Generator Executive Board room-40 Bowen Street


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Quantum Computing Decade

Whether you are a quantum physicist, a scientist, an entrepreneur or a curious beginner, this is where we will share ideas on the latest advancements in the emerging field of Quantum Computing technology.

Why Quantum:

When scientists and engineers encounter difficult problems, they turn to supercomputers. If a supercomputer gets stumped, that's probably because the big classical machine was asked to solve a problem with a high degree of complexity.

Nature is a complex problem that isn’t classical if you want to make a simulation of nature, you’d better make it quantum mechanical because the real world runs on quantum physics.

Why Now:

Quantum Computing Algorithms are in a race to produce useful Quantum Computing and current research has concentrated on producing more resilient qubits that are less vulnerable to external noise and decoherence.

Quantum Computing real-world usecases are getting real where scientists and technologists are helping people to gain strategic advantage with quantum technology before fault tolerance

So please join us to be part of Quantum Computing Decade!