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Rethink the way you recruit for tech

Businesses that want to keep growing may need to rethink the way they recruit for tech skills. We can make it easier & more cost effective.

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Tue 17 May 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


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Rethink the way you recruit for tech

NZ continues to be impacted by the ripple effect from Covid on immigration and access to highly skilled tech workers. And it remains the number one issue facing many New Zealand businesses today. Historically as a nation, we’ve relied on overseas talent to plug any homegrown skills gaps – but for the time being that’s not possible and for the foreseeable future may become prohibitively expensive to do.

Businesses that want to keep growing, may need to change the way they recruit for tech skills.

As a training organisation, we’ve been upskilling Kiwis since the 80s. Let us lighten your load and remove some of the financial risk from your tech recruitment process. We’ll share how we’ll take on the costs associated with sourcing and training talented people across NZ in a range of core Microsoft technologies. We’ll work with you to ensure the people we recruit and vet are a great fit for your business. Plus we’ll round out critical tech certification with a great mix of business skills and project management to ensure our candidates can confidently hit the ground running and make a difference in your organisation.

We get to support New Zealand’s growth, and you fill your roles with highly skilled talent. It’s a match made in heaven. All for less than your typical tech role placement fee and individual professional development costs.

Sign up for this virtual Table Talk as we discuss your tech recruitment pain points and how we can make it easier and more cost effective.