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Headline event Māori tech participation

Sisters In Tech Snapshot

Sisters in Tech is a foundational initiative helping Māori and Pacific wāhine gain employment in the tech sector.

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Mon 16 May 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM




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Sisters In Tech Snapshot

Hear from 3BagsFull Founder, Brittany Teei about the Sisters In Tech initiative.

Sisters in Tech provides an opportunity for wāhine to establish and secure a new career. Participating companies and organisations will also benefit from wider perspectives for innovative problem solving.


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Brittany Teei

Founder, 3BagsFull

Brittany founded the digital learning platform ‘Kids Coin’ to address financial literacy in New Zealand.

To date, more than 80,000 rangatahi have been through the programme. Brittany created 3Bags Full to meet the need of bringing more Māori and Pacific people into tech.

Known in the tech industry for her dynamic approach, Brittany works with corporate, NGO, central and local government organisations to help create futures for Māori and Pacific people.

A new mother, Brittany’s whanau is the centre of her life. She can also be spotted on Auckland tennis courts, mentoring young women.