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Climate & sustainability

Smart Energy

Help save energy, cost, and the planet.

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Date and time:

Wed 18 May 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM




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Smart Energy

We would like to invite you to our Smart Energy session. You will hear about how to reduce energy costs and reduce peak loads, reducing GHG and global warming.

We will be talking about:


ChargingEV Smart charging helps reduce the use of fossil fuels to charge the EVs, and ensures the load of the EV chargers is maintained within the capacity of the building. It can provide charging progress updates and alerts, and for shared charging, such as at a workplace, the app can help manage usage time and billing.Smart LightingDaylight-integrated lighting control systems can be used to turn off or dim down the electric lights automatically based on the available natural light in the room, saving over 40% energy saving. Presence detection sensors and alarm integration ensure lighting is switched off when not required.

Energy Demand Management
Energy demand management, also known as demand-side management (DSM) or demand-side response (DSR), is the modification of end user demand for energy. The Smartlife Connect Platform enables monitoring and control of all devices so we can aggregate control of different load types such as EV charging, hot water elements, pool pumps, freezers, HVAC systems and other large loads. The Smartlife platform enables the users to manage the level of control by energy type, so for example a user can default to eco mode to charge their EV, but override when necessary.

And much more. Come and experience how to save the energy cost and live a smarter life.

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