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Tech Talk with Judith Collins MP

Louise Upston MP invites you to a Tech Talk with Judith Collins MP.

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Mon 16 May 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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Suncourt Hotel and Conference Centre, 1 Northcroft Street, Taupō 3330


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Tech Talk with Judith Collins MP

To make New Zealand the best place it can be, we need to focus on the big, long-term challenges we face as a country. These are the critical issues we need to fix, and the significant opportunities we must seize.

That’s why the National Party recently launched the Big Fixes for a Better New Zealand Plan to develop solutions and policy fixes that address eight key challenges facing our country.

Growing our technology sector will help make New Zealand an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

A vibrant tech sector will contribute to a strong and growing economy, helping us lift incomes and invest in the public goods and services that Kiwis want.

New Zealand is in the midst of a productivity slump that means Kiwis are working harder and longer while getting paid less than people in other countries. That has to change.

The tech sector is already one of our most productive, with higher wages than most other parts of the economy. That means growing it is one simple way to improve productivity and deliver higher incomes and better living standards for everyone. Selling smart Kiwi technology to the world is also a great way for us to radically grow our export earnings without also growing our carbon emissions. A bigger technology sector means more exciting and fulfilling career choices for young Kiwis, who too often feel they need to head overseas to find these opportunities.

Technology is an enabler for the rest of the economy. From cutting edge AgTech helping farmers increase production while reducing environmental impacts, to robotics making manufacturing more productive, to FinTech helping our small businesses find efficiencies and cut costs, technology has the potential to make every part of our economy work smarter.

Come and listen to Judith Collins MP and Louise Upston MP talk about the National Party’s 8 Big Fixes Plan Technology component.

This community event listing is made possible with the support of NZTech


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Judith Collins MP