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Digital transformation

The Future of Digital Health

Experts discuss the evolution of digital health, partnership opportunities and innovations improving the quality of care in clinical setting

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Tue 17 May 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM




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The Future of Digital Health

Digital transformation is unlocking new opportunities in all fields. Healthcare, in particular, has seen the benefits of utilising digital tools to improve efficiency and innovation. Now, with the New Zealand health system changing, there is an increasing need to be aware of the opportunities and challenges of integrating digital health to improve patient outcomes.

In this session, the panel will discuss what the future of digital health looks like for our country, and how NZ-bred innovations can improve healthcare systems from all over the world. They will also cover the main trends and drivers, how to increase digital adoption, and what they see as future opportunities.

The panelists include Maria Jose Alvarez, Investment Manager at WNT Ventures, Dr. Tom Varghese, National Account Manager at Aceso Health, and Tyler Harmon, Software and Cybersecurity Manager at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. From investments into digital health companies, to digital health advocacy, innovation, and leadership, their combined expertise includes research and work within public and private sector companies across NZ and offshore.

Join us for an insightful session followed by live Q&A.

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MJ 2021

Maria Jose Alvarez

Investment Manager - WNT Ventures

Maria Jose is an experienced deep-tech investor and operator passionate about supporting entrepreneurs through the process of investment, commercialisation, and growth. MJ is a Biotechnology Engineer and holds a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise (1st Hons).

Before her time in NZ, MJ co-founded and operated a Biotech start-up focused on the Agritech sector. Most recently, MJ worked as an Investment Manager at NZGCP, where she led Seed and Series A investments.

MJ is a 2021 NZ Women of Influence, a Top-Diverse Board Director, and an Independent Committee member and Executive Council at several organisations, such as StartUp Science, from the Chilean Ministry of Science, AgritechNZ, and the Agritech & Food Investment Committee at Return On Science. MJ is part of the first NZ cohort of WILD in STEM and a mentor and founding member of various organisations focused on supporting young entrepreneurs, females in STEM, and early-stage companies.

Tom Varghese small

Dr. Tom Varghese

National Account Manager - Aceso Health

Tom Varghese is passionate about healthcare, people and technology. He has been active in healthcare across a variety of roles for nearly 16 years.  His professional background spans across a clinical career in orthodontics, business development, and a sprinkling of self-starter initiatives for good measure. Tom is a digital health advocate with a wide spectrum of interests including healthcare innovation, governance, and leadership. His current role is National Account Manager with Aceso Health. 


Tyler Harmon

Software and Cybersecurity Process Manager - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Tyler has been a serial entrepreneur in the medical device space over the past decade. Originally from the foothills of Northeast Georgia, he attended university at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. His first venture translated their Capstone project into a spin-out company that is still funded by the US Department of Defense. Since then, he's on to be a technical and management consultant for some of the largest multi-national medical device companies in the world, including Abbott Labs, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley-Clarke, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and Apple. Additionally, Tyler has supported a range of startups in the full spectrum of engineering and strategic services.

After visiting and subsequently falling in love with Aotearoa in 2019, Tyler moved to Auckland in early 2021, where he still lives with his wife and two cats. In his latest venture, he's stepped into the role of CEO for an exciting new startup focused on levelling up patient monitoring tools with machine learning for the most critical patients.


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