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TWTV: Combatting COVID on a national scale through digital enablement

Combatting COVID on a national scale by elevating community responses through digital enablement

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TWTV: Combatting COVID on a national scale through digital enablement

Date and time:

Mon 16 May 3:40 PM - 4:40 PM


Nationwide (more than one region)


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TWTV: Combatting COVID on a national scale through digital enablement

TWTV session will begin at the scheduled date & time – click here to view

How Healthpoint, New Zealand's online health services directory, supported the national strategy for combatting COVID, by amplifying the voice of community driven services and solutions.

Healthpoint.co.nz is New Zealand’s ‘one source of truth’ for COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing service information, tailored to reach different audiences, particularly Māori, Pasifika, People with Disabilities, and harder-to-reach communities. Using COVID-19 as a case study we will discuss how technology can be used to bring scale, voice and visibility to the hundreds of service providers who helped New Zealand to combat the spread of COVID-19. And how as an agnostic connector, Healthpoint can support balance and good governance between national directives and local mana motuhake.

A key aspiration of Health NZ and the Māori Health Authority is to deliver equity for all New Zealanders. We expect to see more consistency of quality and access to health services across the country, accompanied by tailored service approaches to meet local community needs.

To be successful at a locality level, excellent translation will be imperative from national policy to local planning and commissioning, through to grass roots delivery. Health NZ and the Māori Health Authority will be reliant upon strong engagement from primary care, community health and allied health service providers.

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Belinda Allen edited

Belinda Allen

Partnerships and Culture Director, Healthpoint

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Kate Rhind

Founder and CEO, Healthpoint