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TWTV: Ethics, Articifical Intelligence and Healthcare: A discussion

Tune in to this session as we hear an episode from The Impact Series

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TWTV: Ethics, Articifical Intelligence and Healthcare: A discussion

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Thu 19 May 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM


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TWTV: Ethics, Articifical Intelligence and Healthcare: A discussion

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Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is touted as a tool that could bring a range of access, diagnostic and management benefits to societal healthcare… but it also has pitfalls we must be hyper aware of. In this episode of The Impact Series, host Tim Gander talks with Dr Reza Jarral and Craig Hilton to explore Ai, from its foundations of rules, patterns and data to just beginning to scratch the surface of what needs more rigour, more open conversation and wider contribution. Because Ai is here to stay.

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Tim Gander edited

Tim Gander

Postgraduate Director, The Mind Lab

A passionate educator, avid surfer and keen diver, Tim is also a people person, which makes him the perfect host for the Impact Series podcast. Based in sunny Gisborne, Tim is a Postgraduate Director at The Mind Lab as well as Editor in Chief for He Rourou, the institute's interdisciplinary academic publication. He's a big believer in reducing hierarchies of knowledge to enable greater diversity in decision making.

Craig Hilton edited

Craig Hilton

National Academic Director, The Mind Lab

A 21st renaissance man, Craig Hilton has a background in biochemistry, genomics and fine arts, among many other things. In his role as National Academic Director for The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, Craig oversees the design and development of postgraduate programmes that push the boundaries of learning and encourage critical engagement with technology. Craig is a huge advocate for science as a foundational skill set in nearly every job type, especially those in the future.

Reza Jarral edited

Dr Reza Jarral

Clinical Director, CareHQ

A trained GP and Clinician, Dr Reza Jarral currently heads up the virtual consultation clinic CareHQ, alongside his research contributions to global forums such as IEEE and the WHO. Reza completed his Master of Technological Futures at Tech Futures Lab with research into using Ai in the healthcare space. Reza has a truly empathetic, people first approach to his work - and this is evident when he talks with Tim and Craig in this podcast episode.