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TWTV: From the Waikato to the world

How to take our regional tech stories global

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TWTV: From the Waikato to the world

Date and time:

Fri 20 May 3:10 PM - 3:40 PM


Nationwide (more than one region)


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TWTV: From the Waikato to the world

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In this session, discover how your business can use New Zealand’s new tech story, We See Tomorrow First, to help tell a compelling story in your target offshore market.

  • NZTech’s Chief Strategy Officer, Julie Gill, will discuss why we need a unifying national Tech Story, how you can use it, and how we’re measuring its success.
  • James Hurman, founder of innovation studio Previously Unavailable, will outline how the Tech Story was created to highlight New Zealand’s unique approach to creating tech.
  • Inde King of Waikato’s Aware Group will introduce his business and discuss how he’s getting behind the Tech Story initiative and how he can use the sales and marketing toolkit to take Aware Group’s story global.
  • This year, the Techweek TV sessions have been segmented into the Techweek22 themes.
  • The sessions can be viewed from the comforts of your home office, desk, and anywhere you’ve got a device connected to the internet.
  • You can view the sessions here. Just click play, at the time of the session kick-off.
  • Missed a session? Don’t worry, all Techweek TV sessions will be recorded and be made available on demand for you to view at your convenience.

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Julie 300x300

Julie Gill

Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, NZTech


James Hurman

Founding Partner, Previously Unavailable


Inde King

Strategic Engagement Advisor at Aware Group