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TWTV: Kiwi tech co’s take on the UK as Europe’s leading tech hub

Hear from a company that has participated in the delegation, and one that's about to take off!

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TWTV: Kiwi tech co’s take on the UK as Europe’s leading tech hub

Date and time:

Mon 16 May 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM


Nationwide (more than one region)


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TWTV: Kiwi tech co’s take on the UK as Europe’s leading tech hub

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Through a combination of strong markets, funding, advanced infrastructure and networks, the UK has the capability to tailor support for any stage of technology or technology enabled business. Two Kiwi tech companies share insights on their journey into the UK with the help of the UK Government’s Department for International Trade following the signing of the UK-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. Hear first-hand from APLYiD on their recent UK expansion, and CarbonClick ahead of their exclusive programme at London Tech Week 2022 as a UK Government delegate.

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Sharron Drew edited

Sharron Drew

Director for New Zealand, Trade and Investment, UK Department of International Trade

Sharron Drew joined the UK Department of International Trade (UK DIT) as Director for New Zealand, Trade and Investment in June 2019. In this role, she leads a team that provides support to UK companies looking to enter the New Zealand market, and assist New Zealand companies with the ambition to establish a presence in the UK.

Sharron has significant leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. She has held executive level roles within the trade and financial services sectors in both New Zealand and overseas, including New Zealand Trade Commissioner to Germany and Head of Private Banking, Europe for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to her current role she worked in the Business Attraction and Investment team at Auckland Unlimited. Sharron is also a board member of the British New Zealand Business Association and is passionate about driving business growth and international trade.

James Brown

James Brown

Director Global Partnerships, APLYiD

An industry leader focused on driving new innovation to deliver better customer outcomes. A business connector focused on helping New Zealand build innovative technology products and solutions to export to a global market.

Expert in change and transformation and passionate about the way we work, balance our life goals, family and giving back to the community

An Ambassador for the 4 day week campaign to drive productivity and fundamentally change the way we think about the working week.

Dave Rouse edited

Dave Rouse

Founder, CarbonClick

Kiwi born entrepreneur, who grew up between the bush in the Waitakeres, and working on an organic farm in his teenage years. A founding trustee of Sea Cleaners Trust, but has since changed all his focus into CarbonClick. 

Business owner with a strong connection to the land and his Maori heritage, bringing a unique set of sustainability values into a variety of organisations to continue improving environmental outcomes. 

With several years as a business executive, his philanthropic focus saw Dave's attention move to charity and supporting startups that see through projects with strong biodiversity and social impacts.