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TWTV: Post Graduate Digital Transformation Programmes at Media Design

Media Design School offers three qualifications as part of their Post Graduate Digital Transformation suite of programmes, hear about these

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TWTV: Post Graduate Digital Transformation Programmes at Media Design

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Thu 19 May 1:10 PM - 1:40 PM


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TWTV: Post Graduate Digital Transformation Programmes at Media Design

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Media Design School offers three qualifications as part of their Post Graduate Digital Transformation suite of programmes – The Post Graduate Certificate, The Post Graduate Diploma and The Master of Digital Transformation – and are the first Digital Transformation qualifications offered in Aotearoa New Zealand. The aim of these programmes is to provide people in leadership roles with insights into how new and emerging technologies can be leveraged through using human-centred design and development approaches to creatively solve problems for humans in a rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain world. The courses equip students to become 'change agents' who can lead the digital transformation of their organisations.

Digital transformation can refer to any transformation that leverages digital technologies to solve real problems for people, and can apply to systems, processes, products, services and entire organisations. However, in taking a human-centred approach, the focus is not on the technology itself but rather on how to improve or transform human experience through technology – for all humans. These include not only customers or clients but also employees, owners, stakeholders, communities and broader society. The process of transformation calls for creative and critical problem-solving approaches such as design thinking, creative intelligence and experience design. These in turn require flexible and agile organisational mindsets, cultures and leadership that foster creativity, experimentation and innovation. Transformations and organisations, however, do not exist in isolation but are part of wider economies, societies, cultures and environments that are not only rapidly changing but also increasingly uncertain and complex – requiring continual transformation, dynamic leadership and creative strategies. Our Digital Transformation programmes provide students with the necessary creative and critical problem-solving skills, agile mindsets and dynamic leadership approaches – as well as a broad understanding of the digital technologies landscape – to thrive in the 21st Century.

The specific subject areas that are covered in the programmes include Design Thinking, Creative Intelligence, User Experience Design, Agile Mindset, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic Leadership, Cybersecurity, Human-Centred Design, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Systems Thinking and Social Enterprise. Concepts and approaches are applied in practice during the course and assessments, with particular digital transformations determined by the particular context – i.e., the type and size of the organization, the industry sector, the types of problems being solved and the people they are solving them for. The programmes have been designed specifically for working adult learners as wholly online courses – with resources, activities and live sessions all run through a Learning Management System. The initial PG Certificate programme consist of 10 x 6-credit components – each running for 7 weeks. We are also hoping to offer some of these as stand-alone micro-credentials in the near future.

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Dr Matthew Stevens

Dr Matthew Stevens

Programme Coordinator for the Post Graduate Digital Transformation programmes at Media Design School.

Matt has over 12 years teaching experience in interactive design and development. Prior to teaching at Media Design School, Matt worked as a web designer and developer and before that ran his own independent cinema and film distribution company. He completed his PhD in 2020 at Auckland University of Technology, investigating nomadic agile learning approaches through the (philosophical) pragmatist lens of situated, emergent learning and knowing. His current research project 'Rewilding Learning' focuses on the implementation in practice of agile forms of learning, across the boundaries of educational institutions and workplaces. He has a particular interest in how human-orientated, agile design, problem-solving and leadership approaches can be adopted by organisations and communities to respond to the increasingly complex and uncertain 21st Century world.


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