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TWTV: Regional showcase: GNS Science's Back to the Energy Future

Join us as we speak with GNS Science on their Back to the Energy Future panel event taking place in Taranaki as part of Techweek

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TWTV: Regional showcase: GNS Science's Back to the Energy Future

Date and time:

Wed 18 May 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM


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TWTV: Regional showcase: GNS Science's Back to the Energy Future

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It's 2040 - Where are we and how did we get here? How did we perform in our energy transition?

Congratulations, you bought an old Delorean on Trademe. As it turns out, it's got a built-in flux capacitor and enough fuel for time travel!

You decide to take it for a spin.....and find yourself in 2040. You begin to explore and wonder, how did the energy transition and climate emergency everyone was talking about in the early 2020's turn out? Do we have hoverboards now?

Come and hear a GNS Science-hosted expert panel give a retrospective from the future about Taranaki (and the rest of the world's) energy transition. We will discuss what this future might look like, with a focus on our progress towards a zero-carbon 2050.

Our panel will feature representatives from industry and green tech, Iwi, as well as GNS scientists.

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Collin Quarrie edited

Collin Quarrie

Business Partnerships Manager, GNS Science

Currently working for GNS Science in the Business Partnerships Team, Collin’s role is to connect Science and Business. His Focus is on kickstarting the New Zealand hydrogen Industry by assisting the GNS Materials team and partnering with stakeholders. He is very excited to be working in an industry that will have a high impact on the future of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Collin completed a Master’s degree in International Business at the University of Auckland in March 2020, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Earth Science. Before studying in New Zealand, he worked for eight years for Campbell Scientific Canada, an environmental monitoring company. He sold and installed weather stations on over fifty large-scale solar and wind projects, along with several "high" profile projects such as a monitoring system for the EdgeWalk attraction located at the CN Tower in Toronto.

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