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TWTV: Role of IoT within Digital Transformation

Learn about the role that IOT ( Internet of Things ) is playing with the Digital Transformation with IOTNZ

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TWTV: Role of IoT within Digital Transformation

Date and time:

Fri 20 May 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM


Nationwide (more than one region)


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TWTV: Role of IoT within Digital Transformation

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The role of IoT within digital transformation is significant. How? IoT introduces massive new data collection and resultantly new insight perspectives from the analysis of this new data. These new insight perspectives challenge the status quo of ways we currently live our lives and conduct business and increasingly so in how we map physical environments into digital contexts. Businesses, for example, can then use these digital contexts based on IoT sensor data and insights to inform decisions to build competitive advantage, improve customer experience and gain deep insights, alongside improvements to productivity and efficiency.

IoT implementations aligned to digital transformation objectives are becoming more strategic and holistic, rather than tactical and in silos. This strategic focus will enable disruption via new business models being considered not just for commercial gain but increasingly so for ‘Good for the Planet and For Good in general’ outcomes as well. So in this context IoT could and in many cases already is – having a significant impact on current business/ organisation vision, strategies and user-centric engagement models.

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Kriv Naiker

Kriv Naicker

Chair, IoT Alliance; Founder and Managing Director, Synaptec

Kriv Naicker is Founder and Managing Director of
Synaptec - an innovation and strategy advisory
organisation that focuses on the impact of
Exponential & Disruptive Technology, the Internet of
Things, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Drones/ UAVs,
Cloud/ Fog/ Edge Computing, Blockchain, 5G,
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Kriv was also instrumental in the formation of the NZ IoT (Internet of Things) Alliance and
served as the Alliance’s first Executive Director and is currently Board Chair. He is also
currently an Expert Advisor to Tech Futures Lab/ The Mind Lab.

Kriv was previously Regional General Manager - Strategy and Business Consulting at Huawei

Technologies where he led strategic change and transformation across the South Pacific; Co-
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Incredible Skies (a commercial UAV/ Drone innovation

startup); and Principal Consultant at Ovum Consulting (UK) where he led telco strategy and
due diligence advisory across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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