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Understanding Export Controls: What can you export to where?

Ensure your tech exports are compliant with the New Zealand export controls regime for military, dual-use and catch-all goods and technology

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Mon 16 May 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM


Nationwide (more than one region)


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Understanding Export Controls: What can you export to where?

Did you know Exporters have a statutory obligation to inform the Export Controls Office, if they are aware, or should reasonably be aware, that an export could be used for a prohibited use?

What does that even mean!?

Fear not, this 30-minute webinar and Q&A will explain what exports are regulated by the government, requiring an export permit, and how you may now have obligations resulting from the 2020 ‘catch-all controls’ update.

If you create software or hardware that could be used for any kind of military or police uses, this event is essential viewing to ensure you are compliant with your statutory obligations and more importantly to ensure your technology does not contribute to a conflict, human rights violations or support repressive regimes, or increases the capability of a state which is challenging our security interests.

If you can’t make the webinar you can find further information on our website.

Webinar ID: 838 0773 0698

webinar passcode: 753310

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