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What really grinds my a11y gears!

What really grinds your a11y gears? An event to rant about digital accessibility, its impact, and most importantly, potential solutions

Date and time:

Thu 19 May 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM




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What really grinds my a11y gears!

Come join our solution-focused event for Global Accessibility Awareness Day to hear some friendly accessibility ranting from people with disabilities and folks in the field whose jobs include embedding accessibility into products, processes and teams.

We'll share some common issues around digital accessibility, chat about how these issues impact peoples' lives or work and, most importantly, check out some potential solutions from experts in the accessibility space.

The event will be live captioned, recorded and available via registration on the Auckland Digital Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup page.

The recording will also be posted on the Auckland Digital Acessibility and Inclusive Design YouTube channel.


Sarah Pulis Profile

Sarah Pulis

Co-founder and Director at Intopia


Gareth Ford Williams

Accessibility Consultant and Keynote Speaker at Ab11y


Neil Jarvis

Business Development Consultant at Intopia


Armando Torrealba

Experience Design Manager at Atlassian


Tamsin Ewing

Content Designer at Department of Internal Affairs


Hsichen Hsieh

Senior Experience Designer at Clearpoint

Alexa Patterson

Alexa Robyn Patterson

Product Owner at BNZ and Forma11y

Thomas Bryan using an iPhone1

Thomas Bryan

Senior Leader in the Disability Sector at Unitech Institute of Technology

Nico Oyenedel

Nico Oyanedel

Co-founder at Brood, Human Centred Design

Mike Lloyd

Michael Lloyd

Chief Vision Officer of MyAccom


Welcome and introductions from our panel

Panel of experts introduce themselves

Our ranters will introduce themselves and share what really grinds their a11y gears, describe the impact of the issue and share any solutions they found.

The panel will also share known solutions if relevant.

Attendees will get a chance to rant and have the panel respond.

Thanks and goodbye


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